Agent, Landlord or Tenant?

We help hundreds of customers each year to protect themselves and their properties with a detailed and professional inventory, helping protect the landlords property and the tenants deposits. 


Whilst being a Sales & Letting Agent for residential & commercial property for over 20 years, I have dealt with many inventory companies and clerks. On many occasions I have been very disappointed with the inventories they have produced, leaving off really important information and picture evidence to name a few.

I, therefore, decided that “I could do better.”

I completed my training and set up my business to offer a professional and knowledgeable service to all agents, landlords and tenants across all RM postcodes and surrounding areas. Helping to protect all landlords’ properties and tenants deposits.


Owner of Inventory Agent


Inventory Report

Inspection carried out on a room-to-room basis detailing the items in the room, its condition & cleanliness. Report comprises:

Mid Term Report

This is done at an agreed period, normally 6 months into the tenancy but can be done at other times if preferred

Inventory Report & Tenant Check-in

Inventory report carried out as above prior to the tenant moving in

Check Out Report

Meet Tenant at property to check over property and compare to original report


A landlord’s property is a source of income which needs protecting in the best way possible. An independently produced inventory is the best way to make a statement to the tenant that you expect them to maintain your property to its highest standard. This document will be of great importance should there be any damage or issues when the tenant vacates, saving time and money in this being resolved.

For the tenant, they wish to receive their deposit back as quickly and easily as possible. The independently created inventory will allow any disputes to be resolved, hopefully without any arguments.

The business has been built on the following values –

Attention to Detail

High Quality Images

PDF Emailed Reports

Trained & Fully Insured

DBS Checked

Impartial, Honest & Fair Reports

Email Booking Confirmation

Tailored Reports if Required


Harold Wood
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South Ockendon

All RM postcodes covered, other areas can be considered, please contact us to discuss.


What is a property inventory?

This is a detailed, descriptive report of a property or room, this includes pictures of the contents plus fixtures and fittings, their condition and cleanliness prior to the tenant moving into the property.

What is the benefit of an inventory?

An Inventory will benefit both the Landlord & Tenant as it can be used to avoid any disputes or issues during or after the end of the tenancy. If any disputes arise these can be resolved quickly with the report clearly documenting and photographing details which maybe in dispute, thus saving time and money for both parties in resolving the problem.

Who is the best person to put together the Inventory?

The best person to compile the Inventory Report is an independent Inventory clerk.   The reason for this being that they are unbiased, thorough, knowledgeable, professional, and trained in the methods of documenting and reporting items within a property. 

Would I benefit in having an Inventory if a dispute went to court?

Yes. In a court situation the judge would very rarely accept that an Inventory created by the Landlord or Tenant was unbiased. Having the Inventory created by a professional shows that all steps have been taken to provide a complete, true and fair record of the property.

What is a Mid-Term report?

This is normally done after 6 months of the tenant being at the property but can be arranged at another time if requested by the Landlord. The visit is to check if the property is being maintained to a fair standard and for any problems to be noted. It is also a good opportunity to observe if something is not as the Tenancy Agreement states (pet at the property, someone not listed on the tenancy noted as living there etc) this can then be noted and reported to the Agent or Landlord. This is also an opportunity for the tenant to report any problems or concerns.

Do I need a Check Out Report?
Yes. This is a very important process carried out on the last day of the tenancy. A cross check is carried out from the original Inventory and any issues documented. All meters are read along with any damage or missing items from the original report. The property is then checked to confirm that all the tenant’s belongings have been removed along with any rubbish. The keys will be returned to the Inventory clerk attending and the property made secure. The keys and the checkout report are then given back to the Agent or Landlord.